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Resume Writing Packages

This package is for students, entry level and non-management jobseekers with generally less than five years of experience.

If you are a mid-career professional with more than five years of experience, along with experience in a management capacity, this package is for you.

This package is for high-level executives, including C-level, who are seeking a complete package to develop their own professional brand and create the necessary marketing tools to help them succeed.

As a member of the Professional Association of Resume` Writers & Career Coaches, our team consists of experienced writers who understand how important your resume` truly is. Whether you need assistance in creating your first resume` or you are an experienced professional currently in transition and require an updated and revised resume` to effectively market yourself to potential employers, we can help you create not only a professional and well-written resume` but also develop an effective method of branding yourself. 

A key mistake commonly made by jobseekers is allowing their resume` to simply show their past experience without focusing on their future. A resume` should be an important personal and professional marketing tool, and not a career obituary. Our team can help you design and write a professional and effective marketing document that will catch attention in seconds rather than find itself at the bottom of the pile.

In addition to resume` writing, our team can assist you in creating your own professional brand that helps get you noticed more quickly, and in turn with the ultimate goal of landing more interviews. This includes intriguing cover letters, social media enhancement, and having a variety of document types to be used in today’s virtual world. Hiring managers typically spend 15 seconds or less looking at an applicant’s information, but we’ll make sure they continue looking at your resume` and supporting documents long after the 15th second passes by.

All of our services include a one-hour consultation to discuss your background and future goals and aspirations, as well as a wrap-up discussion to go over the final product and answer any further questions you may have.

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